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Top Designer Orange Sunglasses Frames

Orange sunglasses frames come in different shades and frame shapes but one common thing about them is that they will always get noticed even from a distance. When wearing orange framed eyeglasses, you can either wear a bright orange or a less conspicuous one depending on your taste, event and personality. You will be amazed at the different designer sunglasses with orange frames from which you can choose from at good prices. The best thing about orange shades is that they will suite you without need for making too much effort; it is a bright color that is so easy to wear.

Gucci GG 3064/S Eye wear

Gucci GG 3064-S Eye wear

Gucci GG 3064/S orange sunglasses frames are very cute for women. The frame is angular and very sleek plus the gradient grey tint is blending well with the shade of orange used on these shades. You can easily identify the eyeglasses by looking at the Gucci logo on the side arms.

Ray Ban 2140 Glasses

Ray Ban 2140 Glasses

Ray Ban are known to produce great wayfarer  sunglasses designs and also have the credit of having made wayfarers lovable. It’s no wonder these Ray Ban 2140 Glasses look so awesome with an orange frame color. The size is medium and can fit most faces and the plastic frame is very comfortable on your face.

Vogue 2578 Women’s Aviator

Vogue 2578 Women’s Aviator

Vogue always gives ladies a nice collection of eye wear to pick from. The orange Vogue Women’s aviator is one of those sunglasses you can try and not get disappointed. The big frame style plus the whole glamor of the orange color make these glasses a must get pair for this year.

Oakley frogskins Sunglasses

Oakley frogskins Sunglasses

What is so lovable about Oakley frogskins orange Sunglasses is the frame shape and size. The glasses are simply designed to make you look younger and trendy. This pair with orange frames and clear lenses speaks for itself; it has great quality and great looks for anyone and it is very convenient for all time wearing.

Trendy Gunmetal Sunglasses Frames

Instead of wearing some boring black sunglasses with a dull gray tint, you should consider going for other neutral colors that have more sparkle and that give your face more life. One such frame color is gunmetal; gunmetal eyeglasses frames have a neutral metallic look that suites every skin tone. Gunmetal colored sunglasses frames are also very convenient because they will fit in the office, beach and in parties depending on the frame style.

Any of the frame suggestions we have made below will serve you all time and will be a great pair for multipurpose use.

Burberry BE3032 Sunglasses

Burberry BE3032 Sunglasses

Burberry BE3032 Sunglasses are rimless with grey gradient lenses and gunmetal temples. The single lens design is really cool for women and the metal frames and polycarbonate lenses are strong enough. Burberry BE3032eye wear is worth any woman’s trial.

Prada PR59GS Eye wear

Prada PR59GS Eye wear

If you love to look glamorous, Prada PR59GS Eye wear is the way to go. The frame is very sleekly done with shiny gunmetal on the rims and temples. Other than the looks, these Prada sunglasses are of high quality and guarantee you of maximum protection from UV radiation.

Ray Ban RB3321 Glasses

Ray Ban RB3321 Glasses

Ray Ban RB3321 Glasses simple in a trendy way. The temples and rims are gunmetal while the lenses are a shaded light brown gradient. The detached temple style is really cool and the single lens as well. These frames are very convenient for any man to wear and their masculine glamor is worth your money.

Vogue VO3720S Eyeglasses

Vogue VO3720S Eyeglasses

You can choose to wear bigger and more fancy gunmetal sunglasses frames by choosing these Vogue VO3720S Eyeglasses. Wherever you go in these shades you will rock because they have a great color scheme and a wonderful design that is very unique. What is most catching about Vogue VO3720S glasses is the temples and the design at the joints.

The Best Of Silver Tinted Sunglasses

Silver on your sunglasses lenses can act as a tint or a mirror. Sunglasses with silver mirror or tint have a sense of style and fashion depending on the frame design. Unlike other tints, silver is neutral and still bright enough to be seen. When silver lenses are worn with a great frame, the result is excellent.

Sometimes silver eyeglasses can be very tempting and you might end up picking poor quality sunglasses with just a silver coating on the lenses that scratches out within a short period of time. Always pick silver tinted eye wear with caution so that you get original pairs that will live longer. maybe you can start wearing silver tinted eye wear with the sunglasses below.

Ray Ban RB3403 Sunglasses

Ray Ban RB3403 Sunglasses

Ray Ban RB3403 sunglasses are all silver including the frame. They have a smooth rectangular shape with a unisex make. Theses silver mirrored glasses by Ray ban feature a light weight semi-rimless frame with the Ray Ban logo on the side arms.

Marc Jacobs MJ 147  Eyeglasses

Marc Jacobs MJ 147 Eyeglasses

Ladies will be rocking hot in silver Marc Jacobs MJ 147 eyeglasses frames. The sunglasses are angular and made very cute for women. The thick rims and temples are also cool in a way and make the eyeglasses more outstanding. If you asked me, this pair is glamorous.

Prada PS53MS Shades

Prada PS53MS Shades silver

Prada PS53MS are what men should be thinking of if they want to go silver on the lenses. The frames are bright with red and yellow and a silver tint on the lenses. The shades are semi rimless but also very strong and protective. Their large frame size makes them all the more masculine while the wraparound shape gives them a smooth finished look.

Dolce & Gabbana DG4047 Eye wear

Dolce & Gabbana DG4047 Eye wear

Ladies seeking to wear silver lenses can also try out this hot pair of Dolce & Gabbana DG4047 sunglasses. the color combinations are very feminine and the design as well. They also have the cute effect on your looks and ultimate comfort for as long as you wear them. If you wear Dolce & Gabbana DG4047 with a dress or shorts, you will love your looks.

Top Designer Tortoise Shell Sunglasses Frames

Tortoise shell sunglasses frames come in different shades ranging from light conspicuous ones to dark ones with dark shades of brown. It is easy to pull a look with tortoise eyeglasses frames if you choose the right design for your face. Tortoise colored eye wear actually has no gender; the only thing can could change the gender is the design. What’s more, there are many interesting patterns that can be applied to make the tortoise shell frame more attractive. For instance playing around brown and yellow or adding some lustre to the brighter parts of the frame to make it more outstanding. Take a look at the designer tortoise shell shades below:

Cazal 163 Sunglasses

Cazal 163 Sunglasses

Cazal 163 Sunglasses have a vintage inspired design that suites the tortoise shell color on the rims. Also the brown gradient lenses look like they were just meant for the frame. I love the temple style; the temples become thin past the ear while the front side of the side arm is thick. This is probably why they have such a comfort fit.

Ray Ban W1748 Vintage shades

Ray Ban W1748 Vintage shades Tortoiseshell

Ray Ban W1748 Vintage glasses are not very popular but the tortoise frame still rocks. These ones will give you the true retro look that not many people have ever achieved. If you wear them with a vintage hat or dress, you will be more than retro awesome.

Carrera 5590 Eyeglasses Frames

Carrera 5590 Eyeglasses Frames Tortoiseshell

Carrera aviators will always be one of my favorite. First the design and now this pair has a great tortoise shell frame. What’s more, the shades have an interesting bridge style and a light gradient tint on the lenses. If a lady or a guy wears Carrera 5590 Eyeglasses Frames they will definitely look wonderful.

Tom Ford TF 5178 Green Tortoise  Glasses

Tom Ford TF 5178 Green Tortoise Glasses

What gets you attention first with these eyeglasses is the green tortoise color which is not so popular. The variation ans shades of green used added to the clear lenses makes this eye wear cool for your face. These plastic  sunglasses will also give you the retro look.

Trendy Glasses With Purple Tinted Lenses

A purple tint has a sweet effect on anyone’s face especially if worn with frames of a complimenting color. Purple tinted glass lenses are also very comfortable on your eyes and look great on most people. There is a wide range of designer eye wear with purple tint lenses to choose from for both ladies and men but we must agree that some look better than others.

We have picked some of the coolest designer glasses that have purple tinted lenses with up to date frame designs that will keep you looking sharp and trendy. Check them out below.

Carrera 5425 90 sunglasses

carrera 5425 90 sunglasses

Carrera 5425 90 glasses with purple tinted lenses are a vintage pair with great qualities. The oversize black frame is made of lightweight nylon and is a long lasting one. Carrera 5425 90 eye wear is a classic version of aviators that you should not miss out on.

Cazal Faux Glasses Frames


Faux eyeglasses from Cazal have a wonderful angular frame and a purple gradient tint. The lenses are slightly squared off in a nice way and the rims are well crafted. Faux sunglasses are a true representation of great eye wear that comes from Cazal. Both men and women will look good in this pair.

Bvlgari 549 Eye wear

bvlgari 549 eye wear

A purple gradient tint could not be better done than on these Bvlgari 549 shades. The frame is a wraparound rectangular shaped one with studs on the side arms. The Bvlgari logo on the temples adds to the glamour of this frame. If you think you have a wide face or a fat head, these are the sunglasses to try out. Men will especially look great in them.

Vogue VO2676S Eyeglasses

vogue vo2676s eyeglasses

These Vogue VO2676S glasses have a great color combination. The gradient purple tint looks amazing with the brown frames. The most outstanding part of theses sunglasses are the temples; they are simply unique and classy. The glasses are also wraparound and very comfortable to wear.

Sunglasses with Clear Tinted Lenses For That Retro Look

Looking retro in sunglasses depends on different things and not necessarily the age of the eye wear. You can look retro by the shape of the sunglasses, their size and sometimes lenses. Glasses with clear lenses are one of the best when looking for a retro look because you don’t have to go too complicated with the frame design.

You only need to choose your colors well and make sure the design of your eye wear suites your facial features. This gives you a more personalized look that does not look out of place on your face. Take a look at the designer eyeglasses below and see just how easy you can look retro hot.

Christian Dior 2517 sunglasses

christian dior 2517 sunglasses clear lens

These Christian Dior 2517 sunglasses are vintage from the 1970′s. Their frame style is large with large lenses. What is most interesting about Christian Dior 2517 eyeglasses is the marbled rims and temples. I love the color variation at the rims and the metal on the corners. Not only will you get a true retro look from these sunglasses but they are very fashionable.

Persol Ratti Aviator Glasses

persol ratti aviator glasses clear lens

Persol Ratti Aviator shades may not look retro but when you wear them you see their true retro taste. They also have a large frame style and medium size rims and temples. The metal encryptions on the side arms and bridge add some glamor to the glasses while the clear lenses complete the look.

Morato squared Shades

morato squared shades clear lens

The most conspicuous thing about these Morato squared glasses is their cuteness. If you are under prescription, this might be the frame you need because it will serve you everywhere including reading and providing protection from radiation. Ladies will love wearing them plus they are not so expensive.

Ray Ban RX5121 Eye wear

ray-ban rx5121 eye wear clear lens

Ray Ban wayfarers are very common but coming to think of it, they are not going out of fashion any time soon. These ones with a black frame and clear lenses are great for a bit of a retro look. As usual, Ray Ban eye wear is good quality and worth your money.