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Cool Frames With Yellow Tinted lenses

Yellow tinted sunglasses are not very popular but they are still very good for any time wearing. Yellow tint is one of the most comfortable to be in on a dull day or when shooting indoors. The color is also very good to go for both youngsters and older people because it has a brightening effect on the face. Yellow tinted eye wear would actually suite any skin color depending on the shade.

Take a look at the sunglasses below with yellow lenses and see just what you have been missing.

Rodenstock R1311 CA Sunglasses

Rodenstock R1311 CA Sunglasses

Rodenstock R1311 CA glasses have a simple rectangular frame design and yellow tinted lenses. The bridge is very cute and the combination of silver and brown on the temples is very unique. Both men and women can wear these sunglasses comfortably including people with large faces and fat heads.

Carrera 5530 Eye wear

Carrera 5530 Eye wear

You can always count on Carrera for great sunglasses frames. These Carrera glasses with yellow temples and black rims are one of the best I have seen with a yellow tint. The color variation between yellow and brown is working well for this pair. Men will definitely look hot in Carrera 5530 eyeglasses.

Ray Ban RB 3202 Glasses

Ray Ban RB 3202 Glasses

Ray Ban RB 3202 shades are not fully yellow tinted but the way in which the yellow has been placed on the lenses is great. The top is silver gradient and towards the bottom of the lenses it’s tinted yellow. The sunglasses frames have also been made in a sleek semi-rimless style that is simple enough for any time wearing. All events would suite these Ray ban eyeglasses.

Body Glove 90380 Safety shades

Body Glove 90380 Safety shades

Body Glove 90380 Safety glasses are all yellow but with some shade variation. The shape is a smooth wraparound one and the yellow tinted lenses have an attractive crystalline look. You are assured of full protection from UV radiation in these sunglasses and full comfort from dust and debris. When engaging in rough activities outdoors or some rough games, you can wear these sunglasses.

Silver Sunglasses Frames With Style

Silver is one color you can wear easily and get a great looks without having to try too much. With silver sunglasses frames, you also have a wider variety of outfits you can wear and accessories. You can be in silver aye wear for whichever season and never feel out of place. For me, silver sometimes saves me the cost because I can wear silver frames with a good design to any event and any time.

You should consider trying out the silver eyeglasses frames below. They are designer, well priced and worth your trust.

Carrera Endurance Sunglasses

Carrera Endurance Sunglasses

Carreras Endurance sunglasses frames have a good reputation and are quite popular even among celebrities. Well, the Endurance frame is very cool looking and well designed to suite all your sunglasses needs. The lenses are large and slightly convex to fit snugly around your eyes and the large frame style is very comfortable on your face. This Carrera Endurance black and silver frame should be one of the items on your shopping list.

Vogue VO3789S Eyeglasses

Vogue VO3789S Eyeglasses

What you will love about Vogue VO3789S glasses is their cool simplicity. The double bridge and the rectangular lenses are just at their right placements. The sunglasses are crafted to be convenient to you at any time of the day and in all seasons. Whats more, the sunglasses are unisex.

Adidas AH13 SURIA 6O55 Glasses

Adidas AH13 SURIA 6O55 Glasses

Adidas Suria eyeglasses will rock on male  faces. They have thick silver temples and a sleek wraparound style fit for many applications. The frames are strong enough to go out playing and also guarantee you full protection from glare and dust. The lenses also have an anti fog coating.

Smith Boardwalk Eye wear

Smith Boardwalk Eye wear

When looking for hot sunglasses frames, you can start by trying out Smith Boardwalk sunglasses. They have a curved single lens with thin silver temples. The frame style is semi rimless, fir for wearing by both men and women.

Eyeglasses Shopping In San Antonio, Texas

Top Designer Tortoise Shell Sunglasses Frames

Tortoise shell sunglasses frames come in different shades ranging from light conspicuous ones to dark ones with dark shades of brown. It is easy to pull a look with tortoise eyeglasses frames if you choose the right design for your face. Tortoise colored eye wear actually has no gender; the only thing can could change the gender is the design. What’s more, there are many interesting patterns that can be applied to make the tortoise shell frame more attractive. For instance playing around brown and yellow or adding some lustre to the brighter parts of the frame to make it more outstanding. Take a look at the designer tortoise shell shades below:

Cazal 163 Sunglasses

Cazal 163 Sunglasses

Cazal 163 Sunglasses have a vintage inspired design that suites the tortoise shell color on the rims. Also the brown gradient lenses look like they were just meant for the frame. I love the temple style; the temples become thin past the ear while the front side of the side arm is thick. This is probably why they have such a comfort fit.

Ray Ban W1748 Vintage shades

Ray Ban W1748 Vintage shades Tortoiseshell

Ray Ban W1748 Vintage glasses are not very popular but the tortoise frame still rocks. These ones will give you the true retro look that not many people have ever achieved. If you wear them with a vintage hat or dress, you will be more than retro awesome.

Carrera 5590 Eyeglasses Frames

Carrera 5590 Eyeglasses Frames Tortoiseshell

Carrera aviators will always be one of my favorite. First the design and now this pair has a great tortoise shell frame. What’s more, the shades have an interesting bridge style and a light gradient tint on the lenses. If a lady or a guy wears Carrera 5590 Eyeglasses Frames they will definitely look wonderful.

Tom Ford TF 5178 Green Tortoise  Glasses

Tom Ford TF 5178 Green Tortoise Glasses

What gets you attention first with these eyeglasses is the green tortoise color which is not so popular. The variation ans shades of green used added to the clear lenses makes this eye wear cool for your face. These plastic  sunglasses will also give you the retro look.

Eyeglasses Shopping In Tampa, Florida

Eyeglasses shopping in Tampa offers you a wide variety to choose from including designer frames from great companies and cool vintage eye wear from all age. Many optical stores in Tampa also offer other eye facilities such as eye exams and contact lenses fitting. If you are not new in Tampa it is fun to go round in different eyeglasses shops and compare prices and frame designs before settling for the best. You can also shop in more popular stores if you are a visitor.

Prescription eyeglasses in Tampa

If you have your correct prescription and PD measurement from your optician you can buy prescription eye wear almost anywhere in Tampa. Most shops offer facilities for fixing prescription lenses on sunglasses if you have an eye problem. Alternatively you can make a one stop shopping in eyeglasses shops that offer eye examinations and eye check ups. The only difficulty you might encounter in this case is that you have to book an appointment which sometimes takes time depending on the optical store. Eye Doctors Of New Tampa (19062 Bruce B Downs Blvd.Tampa, FL 33647) offer eye exams, consultancy facilities and a variety of designer eyeglasses frames including Dolce & Gabana, Nike and Vera Wang. You can also shop for prescription glasses at Eye Wear Designs by Frances (3401 Henderson Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609).

Designer sunglasses in Tampa

Eyeglasses brands you will easily find in Tampa include Ray Ban, Dolce & Gabana, police, Vera Wang and Cazal among others. Designer sunglasses are also available in both optical stores and some boutiques. Places where you can get designer eye wear include Disston Optical (3435 49th Street North- St. Petersburg, FL 33710), Visionworks (Tampa, FL – South Dale Mabry Hwy) and Eye Wear Designs by Frances (3401 Henderson Blvd, Tampa, FL 33609). Designer sports eye wear is also readily available in Tampa. Visionworks is also good for kids eye wear.

Vintage eye wear in Tampa

The best places for buying vintage eye wear in Tampa are mainly in boutiques because they have wide variety of unique pieces that you probably wouldn’t come by that easily. Sherry’s YesterDaze (5207 North Florida Avenue- Tampa, FL 33603) for instance has vintage eye wear and other vintage accessories and clothes as well. Some optical stores also have a few pairs of vintage sunglasses. The other option fro buying vintage eyeglasses in Tampa would be online. You can try VintageSunglassesshop.com or eyeglasses.com.

Trendy Glasses With Purple Tinted Lenses

A purple tint has a sweet effect on anyone’s face especially if worn with frames of a complimenting color. Purple tinted glass lenses are also very comfortable on your eyes and look great on most people. There is a wide range of designer eye wear with purple tint lenses to choose from for both ladies and men but we must agree that some look better than others.

We have picked some of the coolest designer glasses that have purple tinted lenses with up to date frame designs that will keep you looking sharp and trendy. Check them out below.

Carrera 5425 90 sunglasses

carrera 5425 90 sunglasses

Carrera 5425 90 glasses with purple tinted lenses are a vintage pair with great qualities. The oversize black frame is made of lightweight nylon and is a long lasting one. Carrera 5425 90 eye wear is a classic version of aviators that you should not miss out on.

Cazal Faux Glasses Frames


Faux eyeglasses from Cazal have a wonderful angular frame and a purple gradient tint. The lenses are slightly squared off in a nice way and the rims are well crafted. Faux sunglasses are a true representation of great eye wear that comes from Cazal. Both men and women will look good in this pair.

Bvlgari 549 Eye wear

bvlgari 549 eye wear

A purple gradient tint could not be better done than on these Bvlgari 549 shades. The frame is a wraparound rectangular shaped one with studs on the side arms. The Bvlgari logo on the temples adds to the glamour of this frame. If you think you have a wide face or a fat head, these are the sunglasses to try out. Men will especially look great in them.

Vogue VO2676S Eyeglasses

vogue vo2676s eyeglasses

These Vogue VO2676S glasses have a great color combination. The gradient purple tint looks amazing with the brown frames. The most outstanding part of theses sunglasses are the temples; they are simply unique and classy. The glasses are also wraparound and very comfortable to wear.

Eyeglasses Shopping In Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix city is a great place to go shopping especially for eye wear. They have a wide variety of almost every kind of eye wear and with great designs as well. It is also very convenient and easy to shop in Phoenix for eyeglasses because the optical stores are many and placed in accessible areas. The thing you might love most about eyeglasses shopping in phoenix is shopping for prescription glasses; most optical stores offer good service and different facilities including eye exams and contact lens fitting. You can make a one stop shopping for prescription sunglasses even when you don’t have a prescription from your optician.

Prescription eyeglasses in Phoenix

In Phoenix shopping for prescription sunglasses or eyeglasses is the easiest. The optical stores there offer a very wide range of frames including cool designer frames from brands such as Carrera and Ray Ban. If you meet a good optician, the service is great. You can try going to Sassy Glasses (7000 N 16th St- Ste 126/ Phoenix, AZ 85020) or EyeMasters ( Paradise Valley Mall, Between Macy’s and Sears) which offer all types of prescription eye wear. If you have a correct prescription from your doctor, you can choose other optical stores including those that don’t offer eye exams.

Designer glasses in Phoenix

One of the most popular brands in Phoenix is Ray Ban but there are other popular brands including Carrera, Cazal and Persol. You can shop for designer sunglasses either in optical stores or botiques. Some brands such as Ray ban have established their own outlets in Phoenix- there is a Ray Ban outlet store at New River Outlet 4250 W Anthem Way Phoenix, AZ. You can also try shopping for designer glasses at Eye Stop Designer Eyewear (4550 East Cactus Road, Phoenix, AZ 85032) or EyeMasters.

Vintage Sunglasses in Phoenix

Unlike in some cities, shopping for vintage eye wear in Phoenix is pretty easy because they have many stores selling vintage frames. Designer vintage sunglasses are more popular are available in optical stores such as Alex Optical (4528 East Thomas Road- (602) 273-1980) or Sassy Glasses.